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Wedding Card Box in Exquisite Pink & Antique Golden Color

Wedding Card Box in Exquisite Pink & Antique Golden Color

  • Model: ASH/156
  • Weight: 600 gms
  • Height:23 cm Width: 23 cm Length: 25 cm

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This square shaped satin box and has been made in royal pink satin richly complimented by antique golden paper for the sides, card and box interiors. The card and the box body is in pink satin with beautifully embossed dark pink motif golden in the middle with auspicious Ganesha symbol electroplated in the centre. The cream inserts are held in pink satin holder. The box below has a transparent square lid and two sections, one rectangle and other divided into eight small squares. It has a magnetic closure. The card reflects the festive mood of the Indian weddings.

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